>2017/09/18  Opening hours for reading room
>2017/09/07 2017 Library Orientation

Date: 9/18 Monday 15:00
Location: Computer Lab, 9F, Li-Fu Education Building

>2016/12/23 Library will be closed Jan. 1 to Jan. 2, 2017 on the New Year.
>2016/12/23 Library hours during winter break
>2016/12/23 Extension of the loan term during winter break
>2016/11/1 Book Fair : Gender Stereotypes
>2016/11/1 UpToDate Anywhere registration guide
>2016/10/27 Library do not open to outside users during exams:10/24-11/11
>2016/10/27 2017 Journals & Databases Subscription list

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Opening Hours       

  Taichung Main Library Monday ~ Friday Saturday ~ Sunday
Hours 08:00~22:00 09:00~17:00
Reading Room in 8F of 
Li Fu Teaching Building
07:00~22:00 07:00~22:00


 Beikang Library Monday ~ Friday Saturday ~ Sunday
Hours 08:00~18:30 16:00~20:00
Reading Room 07:00~22:00 07:00~22:00

Library is closed in national holidays and school-prescribed regular holidays.
Open hours will be stipulated in summer and winter breaks separately.
Open hours will be stipulated during the terms of examination separately.