The China Medical University library was established in 1958, located in Lifu Education Building on Taichung campus with a collection of over 300,000 volumes. The total area is 5687.42㎡. The resources of this facility are available to both the University and its Affiliates. The major aim is to provide information services to advance research, teaching, and patient care as well as to facilitate the integration of traditional and western medicines.

The library makes current relevant information available to patrons in both print and electronic formats, with special emphasis on Chinese medicine. The collection covers health, medical sciences and related health-care
issues and concepts. Thousands of off-site electronic journals and ebooks can also be accessed.

Taichung Hospital Library was opened Since June 1982, and merged with China Medical University library in 2005. The branch library on Peikang campus was opened in October 1985 and provides services which include circulation, reference, interlibrary loan and computer searching. The branch library on Peikang campus and Peikang Hospital Library were merged in 2002.

Mission statements
The mission of the library is to enhance, enable, and empower the teaching, research, and outreach activities of the University and to support the China Medical University Hospital in providing extraordinary medical service, clinical education, research and development, by facilitating timely access to information needed by library clients.The values which our mission statement is based on :
Service - Providing services to all clients in a timely, accurate and comprehensive manner.
Innovation - Utilize the newest technologies and information formats in order to creatively approach services design and resources accessibility.
Teamwork - The Library staff works together as a team while recognizing each team member as an individual with a unique ability to contribute the success of the library's mission.