Course Reserves


1. Course Reserves are created upon faculty members request to support a particular class, and to ensure that

     all students in the class have access to it.

2. Categories: course reserves, PBL resources and national examinations materials. Instructors may place their

    own personal publications. Periodicals, newspapers and audio-visual materials will not be placed on reserve.

3. Please provide as much information as possible. If request materials are China Medical University Library owned item(s),

    please particular note of each item's call number.

4. Course reserve items are held at Course Reserves, on 9F of LiFu Education Building which cannot be borrowed.

5. To find a list of materials on course reserve, use the Course Reserves tab in WebPAC and search by instructor,

     course name, or department.

6. Contact us: phone (04)2205-3366#1569


* instructor   
* Department   
* Phone No.  
* Categories   

                                        *are required.

Item(s) Request

Course Name Title Publisher Edition ISBN




1.      Please fill out separately when the course reserve categories are different.
      Purchases are based on the publication years which are limited in the last three years. If items requested exceed
         the limitations or price are too high, acquisition librarian will discuss with instructor whether purchase or not.