Study Room Application


1. Service hours: Library Hours
2. Target clients: Faculty, graduate students, visiting staff (V.S.) and research staff.
3. How to make a reservation Ÿ
    . Check the status of study room first, then click the link Study Room Reservation.
    . Undergraduate students can apply in person when academic project needed. Please have your student ID and
      submit Study Room Application form with advisor’s approval to reference desk on 9F of LiFu Education Building.
   . The Verification Process should be available in one day. Please check your reservation in the status of study room.
4. Rules
    Ÿ. Please have valid ID to check out study room key, and return it before the library is due to close every day.
    . The loan period is up to seven (7) days, and can be renewed once if there is left vancant.
    . Non-academic activities is NOT ALLOWED in the study rooms.
    . The key holder may be requested to vacate rooms for administrative reasons.
5. Location: Reference desk on 9F of LiFu Education Building
    Phone: 04-22053366#1569 (University)/04-22052121#2965 (Hospital)

The Status of Study Room
Study Room 801
Study Room 802
Study Room 803


Study Room Reservation

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* Check out Period    

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